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Age: 25
Guitarist of Checkerboard

A surprisingly big maths nerd, he's laid back and generally an upbeat dude. He's also the creator of the band Checkerboard, a band he basically manages on his own! 

Age: 25

Comes off as a little uptight sometimes, but he's actually a fun guy to be around (especially when drinks are involved). He also loves keeping up with fashion trends and is always well put together!

Age: 26

Tends to have a mean face on and is too blunt sometimes. But she does her best to work on that. She cooks and bakes to keep herself calm and happy.

Age: 25
DJ/Sound Designer

An upbeat and lively dork, she's always geeking out about her various interests. She works for a company doing various sound design gigs and DJs on the side.

Age: 25
Guitarist of Midnight Mischief 

Nicknamed Dannyboy, he's a bit of a spitfire and can come off as over the top, but is also a kind hearted guy who loves Disney music.

Age: 24
Drummer of Midnight Mischief

A soft spoken kind of guy who's a bit of a health nut and works out, but who may or may not be an aggressive driver.

Age: 30
Bassist of Midnight Mischief

A man who always seems cool and mature but in fact, totally isn't. He's an interior designer on the side and his Husband of 9 years is also a doctor~

Age: 3
House cat and Queen Overlord

Aselfish monarch who demands nothing but the utmost attention from her servants. She lives a pampered life in her tower of climbing and dines upon the fanciest of feasts!

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