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Posted December 19, 2014 at 02:25 am

You might have noticed page "24" is missing..... SO UH..... I MIGHT have goofed up when I was renumbering the pages for the new book formats and forgot that one page. XD

So when I started restoryboarding the laser tage sequence it was down the exact number so it could flow into the rest of the pages without fuss. But that was before I just realized page 24 wasn't in the renumbered pages and thus not accounted for lol. 

So im basically gonna delete it and maybe do an extra little page at the end so I don't have to renumber everything (for my own sanity TwT) So yah. It'll still have the same page numbers but I'm gonna add that extra page at the end or something. At least for the most part, not much is lost without it, I basically condensed the sequence into just one page XD


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