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Posted September 7, 2016 at 12:00 am

Ah, it's crazy how much this dude had an impact on Sarah when they were in school. ;w;

Freckled dude is the guy Sarah punched herealso Danny and Nathan's waiter here! His name is Cody XD

Also! Just wanted to say, It's been super amazing to see the response on these pages and their interactions!! I just wanna clarify for some folks: I didn't change Sarah's character to suit Kat's needs. That would be assuming that she was never meant to be a flawed character to begin with, and this pertains to the whole cast, they're all gonna be flawed! 

Granted, working with old material is always a challenge. And so comparing this to the rest of the series, it's easy to see why this might feel like a drastic change. Especially tone wise compared to the laid back nature of the first few books, but hence why "Hazy" felt like the right tone when that name change came. It's about the grey area, not having the full picture. It's where the comic will start to head, and I've got many plans for all the characters, and this is just a baby step compared to the rest of it lol! It's gotta go thru many ups and downs but that's kinda how like is anyways TwT

And for Sarah in particular, I've always had her flaws in mind because she's very much like me in certain aspects. But it took awhile to figure out how to write and show that, and I've finally figured out a way to bring this full circle, include Kat, and give these two gals a chance to hash it out in a meaningful way.This is just step one of many interactions that need to happen to heal. As well as only the begining to seeing their past.

Also! Toby's sisters are also female characters that'll pop up more that you'll see interact just fine with Sarah and Kat. So it's always been personal, can't give away spoilers but you'll see!

Eitherway, I'm enjoying the comments! Just be sure to keep it civil~ <33


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