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Posted October 30, 2015 at 01:00 am

We get to see a small snippet of how that fight went! It probably wasn't as funny when it happened. 

This whole conversation is just bringing up stuff! X0

NOTE: I eased up on Nathan's beard when he was a tween since it makes more sense that it'd be more peach fuzz than full grown beard XD You can kinda see some little hairs on his face but its not super obvious @A@ 


Just wanted to also say I've been binging on Passion Pit! If theres any type of music that gets me pumped up to work on Technicolor London, it's THIS BAND! <33 

My favorite tracks are "The Reeling", "Little Secrets" & "Lifted Up(1985)" 

UGH. So good <33 They've got a really great upbeat sound but their lyrics can sometimes be super sad, a goal I wanna achieve with the comic. Fun exterior, but super sad undertone. YOU'LL SEE! XD

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