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Posted January 3, 2018 at 01:35 pm

MAN! It's been a whole year since I've started redrawing these old pages and I'm 50 pages (give or take) from completion! So that means I can finally start drawing new pages TTwTT!!!

SO! As for kickstarter news, that'll come in a few months. The holidays slowed progress down going back and forth with hiveworks staff on the planning stage. But it should get back in motion soon. I'll make a post like this when I have official dates >3

And for the new pages, I'm aiming to start updating in July! I've already storyboarded the first 100 pages (and oh boy does a lot of stuff happen ;3) I'm aiming to finish the redraws by March. I'm also working on a 20 page short story that I hope to finish by February at the latest. And I'll also be prepping my other 2 comics to start their new volumes later in the year!

I'm also gonna look into redesigning the site to coincide with the kickstarter or new pages so the new look ties in together! It's needed a new design since the name change last year and I've finally figured out what I want it to be.

So all in all, here are the general dates:

  • Finish the redraws in March
  • Begin new updates in July

I'll see you again soon enough, and seriously, thank you all so much for your patience ;w;! 

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