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Posted December 18, 2019 at 12:24 am

Like the pic says! The Kickstarter will be coming soon in 2020 and I'll have more details in the coming months!

For now, the comic will be taking a break so I can prep new pages (aiming for April/May) and just need to finish up a few more things for the Kickstarter! 

2019 was a long crazy year, but I'm so happy with how the story is shaping up and I'm SO excited for the next Volume. I'm also excited for the long awaited feeling of holding books in my hands TwT! It'll be nice to see all those pages in print!

And just like before, I believe my other comic Nigh Heaven & Hell will be clumped in together so hopefully things go well! Stay tuned for more details <3

Love ya guys, Happy Holidays, and have a great New Year!


ALSO!! In the meantime, I made a Discord Channel! So feel free to join in and say hi <3

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