Comic updates are once a week every Friday until further notice.


"Toby Landon's love life is a bloody mess. His on and off girlfriend has once again tossed him aside. His mate Mark gives him some advice: Try something different. With a kiss, the lives of these two friends go from being black and white to being full of vivid color. But, all colors can get a little hazy..."

Formerly know as "Technicolor London" You can read about the name change HERE!

Slice of Life/Drama/Comedy/LGBTQ


I'm currently drawing 2 Middle Grade Graphic Novels for the new series "I Witnessed"! The first being The Lizzie Borden Story (2024) and then The Great Train Robbery (2025)! Read about the announcement here~

So there's some good news/bad news. Bad news, all my webcomic updates will be slowing down significantly during this time period. Good news, I'll still be working on them and you can expect consistent updates! So here's a breakdown of the schedule:

  • Hazy London will update once a week every Friday
  • Freakshow will update once a month (Starting July) (For May & June, Twice a month)
  • Nigh Heaven & Hell will update once every other week on Tuesday

With Freakshow in particular, there MIGHT be a bonus update occasionally after July, but it's the more complicated comic to work on so I wanna make sure I take my time with it. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!!

About The Author

 My name's Crystal Jayme (aka Scotty) and I love comics!  If I'm not making comics, I'm either reading them or talking about them.  It's a sick cycle of nothing but comics!

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