"Toby Landon's love life is a bloody mess. His on and off girlfriend has once again tossed him aside. His mate Mark gives him some advice: Try something different. With a kiss, the lives of these two friends go from being black and white to being full of vivid color. But, all colors can get a little hazy..."

Formerly know as "Technicolor London" You can read about the name change HERE!

Slice of Life/Drama/Comedy/LGBTQ

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 My name's Crystal Jayme (aka Scotty) and I love comics!  If I'm not making comics, I'm either reading them or talking about them.  It's a sick cycle of nothing but comics!

Check out my other two comics also on Hiveworks: Freakshow and Nigh Heaven & Hell

Email: Scottystudios@yahoo.com or Scottystudios@gmail.com

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