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Posted December 21, 2014 at 01:15 am

It seems the mood was indeed killed by that embarrassing moment. XD

BUT were leading up to a very fun chapter~ I can't wait to talk about it on Friday @w@

In other News, I printed out the packing slips for the orders. I'm gettin the book done. Still have a few pgs and panels to ink, but they're the last pgs/bonus comic pgs. So I'm toning pgs right now :3

And here's a fun snippet of Dannyboy making a funny face:HTTP://SCOTTY6000.TUMBLR.COM/POST/83494943107

I'm aiming to send out PDF's beginning of May, and Shipping books Mid-May! I just ordered the buttons, and I'm gonna order the stickers/prints soon too X3

That's all for now! See ya guys Friday <3 

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