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Posted December 21, 2014 at 01:20 am

Time to get the laundry list out of things you've messed up on. XD


I also wanted to talk about how this whole chapter came into existence. It was because of some comments here back in Volume 2 that made me re-evaluate how I saw certain characters. Things that toby did in particular that at the time I didn't think were that bad, but in retrospect were a bit selfish. 

I used to think mark was a bit of the villain in how he'd react, but It's because of certain comments made a good while back that I realized I wasn't seeing both sides of the argument.

I just couldn't do this in Volume 3 because it was already set in stone and being worked on at the time of Volume 2 being posted online XD 

So know that when you comment and you post theories, I'm reading them and taking them into account! You guys see things that sometimes go by me because I just never thought about it! <3 So thank you!


In other news, I'M DONE WITH VOLUME 4!! Just gotta work on the summary in the back and send it to the printers! X33 

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