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Posted December 21, 2014 at 01:23 am

Ooh, Toby didn't like where this conversation was going.


So...... Volumes 1-4 PDF'S are NOW AVAILABLE! You can purchase them through Gumroad: HTTPS://GUMROAD.COM/SCOTTY6000
Or email me if you'd like to use Paypal instead! <3

And the Books/Prints/Stickers have been ordered! I will hopefully be shipping out everything on the last week of this month <3 I'll be sure to take a shit ton of pics once it all arrives XD

OH! And remember how I made NSFW Tumblr account? I'm FINALLY gonna start uploading sketches on there! I bought a new sketchbook to start practicing drawin smut for those 2 Smut Technicolor Comics I'm gonna do for Yaoi Con~ 
Here's the Tumblr link if you wanna keep up to date with those sketches/doodles XD HTTP://SCOTTYSOTHERSKETCHBLOG.TUMBLR.COM/

Hint: its seems like I'll be doing a Mark x Toby one of course, and a Danny x Nathan one~ You'll have to wait and see what they'll be about! XD 

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