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Someone's feeling super guilty! TuT
Posted June 10, 2015 at 01:59 am

Poor toby is really starting to regret how he went about this. But then again, how could he have possibly known TuT 

Not a very fun conversation to be having, but at least its being talked about in some capacity.

In Comic news! The Dirty Diamonds Kickstarter is now 32% funded! 56 comic artists jam packed into one book and I'm so excited to see it in print TwT Spread the word and order a copy!

And I'm gonna start storyboarding that thing I keep secretly talking about soon. I've scripted 6 chapters fully and hopefully I'll have some promo art for it done in the next month or so X3

I'm gonna start slowly doing a page here and there for Nigh Heaven & Hell Vol.3 as well. Hopefully I can get a buffer done in a reasonable amount of time! And i'll try to do some new promo art for that as well X3

And Technicolor London related, I'm gonna try and do a page here and there for that 18+ side story! I'll be sure to post some wips of that when I've got more to show X33

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