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Mark hasn't had it easy
Posted June 15, 2015 at 01:59 am

This was the reason why I wanted to go about drawing Toby's black eye in a more comical sense (and less realistic) so this scene could have a bit more punch to it due to the context. 

And we'll definetly be revisiting this later on in the comic so you can get the full picture. 

In comic news! I'm finally penciling nhh pages, and in case you missed it on Tumblr HERE & HERE, I'm storyboarding Freakshow! I've scripted up to chapter 7, and storyboarded 11 pages so far XD

And I'm also slowly penciling the Technicolor London 18+ side story! 

And the Dirty Diamonds Anthology is almost halfway funded with 12 days to go! 

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