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Posted June 22, 2015 at 01:58 am

Looks like Mark isn't too mad about this whole thing. And now Toby's trying to get rid of any tension further with a dumb confession! <3

OH! And in case you missed it on Tumblr, Selz (the site where I sold the 18+ side story) deactivated mine and many other comic artists accounts because of adult content (something they did very recently and you can read more on that HERE)

BUT there's good news out of this, you can now purchase the Pdf over at Comic Orgy! It'll be alongside other fantastic adult comics from Filthy Figments (Including one I did called Overtime! Chapter 2 coming in August <3)

But back to Technicolor, it's back on sale at 4.99 so go check it out! 


And in other news, The Dirty Diamonds Kickstarter has 4 days left and it's almost funded!! Go order a copy!! <3

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