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Posted July 15, 2016 at 12:00 am

Just a heads up (this applies to all three webcomics, Technicolor London has one more page colored) I’ll be posting pages that are only inked for a few weeks so I can focus on just cranking out pages.

Of course I’ll still go back and color/tone these soon, but I wanna try to focus on getting a buffer ready, and sadly coloring and toning pages takes a good chunk of my time away from that.

And on August 8th, I’ll take a 2 week break from updates on all 3 webcomics. It’ll give me time to color everything, relax a bit (since if i’m being totally honest, I’m a little exhausted, so this will help out a lot TwT!). And starting August 22nd, updates start again!

So here’s the breakdown:

Starting today thru August 5th: Updates will continue but only inked.

August 8th-19th: I’m taking a 2 week break from updates to color everything, and continue drawing.

August 22nd: Updates resume and the backlog will be colored and re-updated as well~ <3

I hope you all understand, but this will help me out so much so i can finally be a few weeks ahead of schedule instead of just a few days ahead! Thanks again, I love y’all! <3

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