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Posted December 20, 2014 at 01:49 am

Onto the next chapter! Finally, were gonna be seeing Dannyboy as well has two other characters that have shown up with him in the past chapters X3 (Like my favorite character Hipster Thor!)


Here's the Reblogable post for the Contest! And it comes with a pretty picture to look at :3

//Technicolor London Contest//
Would you like your character to appear in the background of Technicolor London Volume 4?

The 2nd half of Volume 4 (50 Pgs) takes place in a gay bar. And that means I've gotta draw crowds (a BUNCH of them!) And I've been meaning to do a proper contest that's fun and involved for the people entering the contest! So I thought this would be awesome. Think of it like Finding Waldo haha!

//The Rundown//
-I'll be holding 2 contests.
-You CAN enter BOTH contests. 
-Only ONE entry per contest.
-All winners will be listed in the back of Volume 4 as well as online with their name and website!

//What I'm Looking For//
-I'd love to see characters of all shapes and sizes! Different ethnicity, different ages. Male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, etc! So long as it suits the setting, we should be good to go! X3
-I won't be judging the quality of the art. Whatever speaks to me and whispers (draw me~ you know you want to~) That's how I'll know. XD 

//How To Submit//
-Email me at 
-Titled "Technicolor London Contest"
-Provide either a link or attachment of your submission.
-PLEASE be sure to include your name and a link to your Website,Deviantart OR Tumblr (So I can credit you properly)
-Additional info about your character is optional. ;3

//The Contests//

Who's at YOUR table:
-There will be 3 tables around the main characters. I need you to send a group of your characters! 
-Please provide 3-5 characters.
-You can only send ONE group entry.
-There will be 3 winners.

Background Extras:
-Your character will be in various shots throughout the bar scene. 
-I need you to provide ONE character.
-You can only send ONE entry. (EXCEPTION: If you have a COUPLE you'd like to send, go for it! I'll count that as one entry. <3)
-There will be 15-20 winners.

-June 4th

-Winners will be announced June 14th

Volume 4 is estimated to be draw this Fall, and printed by December!

Good luck to everyone who enters! You guys are so awesome! ;w; 

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