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Posted December 19, 2014 at 02:55 am
As you can see, I pretty much just traced over that first panel for this new page cause I still think it's great as it XDD

ALSO!! Hazy London (as well as all comics on Hiveworks) have been updated via Comic Control. It's what we use to update pages and such. And the reason why I bring this up is because the Bonus Comics got switched around and the tab doesnt work. On Vol.3 Side B Track 1, you'll notice the first 6 pages or so are replaced with some of the bonus ones and some older pages from 2014. And they aren't just switched around, but I legit can't find the original files that went there XD. 

So long story short, I'm gonna look into fixing that, the bonus comics will be restored but I'll save it for when the site get's a redesign (hopefully before new pages start in July!) So yah, I'll let you know when it get's fixed. And thanks to the lovely reader that let me know! Cause I had no idea XD
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