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Posted November 30, 2018 at 12:00 am

Were gearing up to a part of the story I've been so excited to finally get to! It's definitely the big turning point in the story <3

And I've been told that Disqus has a bad problem with the way I like to number my pages. So basically, I need to be more specific and have each page say: Volume 4 Pg 010 instead of just Page 010. Because any other page that has this number will cause the comments to merge with each other. 

I can't rename any older pages sadly but I can try and fix future ones from doing this. I tried to rename some current pages I have in my queue (like this one) but It could be possible that those pages are already set in stone, so renaming them isn't going to help. I'll find out on page 74 if it works (since I'm currently working on that page right now!)

Sorry for the inconvenience tho! TwT

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