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Posted October 12, 2015 at 01:00 am

It's back to updates and onto the last 2 chapters!! <3

 AND! In case you missed it, I'm working on the smut side story finally and it'll be ready in time for Christmas! I may even do pre-orders for physical copies! Here's a snippet of it!

 I've also changed my Patreon tiers so the Q&A is now in the 1.00 tier! I'll be drawing them up and even using some of them for the 4-koma buffer coming up after Vol.5 is done! Go check out last months Q&A Feat. Nathan!

And become a patron so you can ask my characters ANY question you're interested to hear them answer XD

 And at some point I'll be looking into Guest Comics/Fanart/Fanfiction to fill up a month while I prep for the next Volume! Ask on Tumblr! 


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