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Schedule Announcement!
Posted October 24, 2016 at 12:00 am

Hey ya guys! I wanted to give you the rundown on Hazy London's Update schedule leading up to January (and the big plan for the Kickstarter how that'll work).

Updates are resuming (expect a Halloween Pic this year tho) And Volume 6 will end December 7th (with a bonus pic on the 9th). 4 Komas start December 12th-January 6th, and hopefully a week of Fanart! (If you're interested, Email me at!) 

And then starting January 16th, I'll be going back and focusing on Redrawing the old pages for from Volume 1-2!!! Sadly Volume 7 will have to take a backseat and wait because I simply couldn't do both at the same time TwT. BUT, the new redrawn pages will act as updates since they're being redrawn and retoned! (Not sure if I'll go simple gray shades or a fun watercolor gray wash <3)

But on the plus side, I'll be updating those 5 times a week, and no breaks! The plan is to draw and get these done quickly and lead up to the Kickstarter later in the year when it's done on my end.

So why am I redrawing both Volume 1&2? That's because they're gonna be combined into one big book now! That's the plan for the rest of them too. So Volume 3&4 will now be "Volume 2", and Volume 5&6 are now "Volume 3"! 

You can expect brand new fancy art that isn't too far from the old version (give or take some panels), and you can expect some stuff being rewritten or tweaked to fit better with the current story. Those first books are gonna be the most rough so they need a lot of little changes compared to formerly Vol 3&4. But I hope you enjoy sticking around and I can't wait to finally get started on this! WOOH! X3

So here's a condensed breakdown:

12/7/16 :Volume "6" ends

12/9/16 :Bonus Pic

12/12/16-1/6/17 :4 Komas

1/9/17-1/13/17 :Fanart hopefully <3

1/16/17 :Volume 1 & 2 Redraws, starts updating Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 

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