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4 Koma Buffer Coming Soon!
Posted December 14, 2015 at 01:00 am

CYNIE LAUPER~ Time after time is another fun song that might describe these two. =P Maybe.

Had to omit the lyrics because ya can't quote lyrics without permssion and such. So I won't be doing that ever again lol! XD Truly the biggest lesson you guys can learn from me if your making comics or writing novels, etc. Try to avoid referencing real life things that may hold a copyright! XD Just in case lol

And the 4Koma buffer is coming next week! But remember, updates are gonna be every Friday until February 26th. Then March will be a Fanmonth, and then April 1st, Volume 6 starts! That'll hopefully be enough time to get started on the buffer >3

And while Technicolor London takes a backseat in updates, I've got 2 other webcomics (Freakshow and Nigh Heaven & Hell) that'll be updating so you can check those out in the mean time!

Call for Fan Art, Comics & Fanfiction!

I wanted to make sure you guys had plenty of time this time around! As you all know, after every Volume I like to see if anyone’s interested in sending Fan Art,Comics & now Fanfiction, So I can upload them on the site while I use that time to prep on the next Volume! 

So as of right now, TL Vol.5 will end on December 18th. I’m going to have a month or so worth of 4-Koma’s, and hopefully February will be a Fan month full of what you guys send! And Volume 6 will start in March (Hopefully! TwT)

I’ll be accepting Fanart. Comics, 4-Komas, and I’d love to include Fanfiction (ever since a lovely someone wrote this Fanfiction! GO READ IT!) And for ideas on Guest Comics Check them out HERE, and for Fanart, check those out HERE!

What I Need From You Guys!

  • For FanArt & Comics: Just ONE Page or a 4-Koma (Comics only <3)
  • Black/White or Full Color, what ever you please! 
  • 720 Pixels Wide (The height can be whatever you need!
  • For FanFiction: A Minimum of 1000 words please! Just type it and I’ll paste it into the little design for the site!


Choose between either That First Night PDF or Curious PDF (Coming Soon!)

As soon you send something in you’ll get to choose which one you’d like to be sent! NOTE: You can even send in 2 things to get both PDF’S! 

Where to Send your stuff: (Titled: Guest Art)

Deadline: January 29th

Lemme know if you have any questions

And feel free to send in Slightly Nsfw entries <3


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