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Posted August 6, 2021 at 12:00 am

Hey ya guys, so sorry to announce this out of the blue but sadly, I hit a bit of burnout. 

2020 finally caught up to me and I just need a few months off from work. Usually when I go on "break", I'm just working on my buffer but this time, I actually plan to relax and do nothing for a few months lol. So here's the gameplan:

I'm gonna be taking August and September off at least. By October, I'll slowly start workin on pages but not urgently. By November I'll begin working on the buffer and be ready to come back to regular updates in January! 

Again, sorry for the sudden announcement (but I ran out of my buffer and just couldn't keep pushing things) Thanks for all your support and I'll do my best to be back with updates soon <3


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