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Posted February 28, 2016 at 12:00 am

Day 1 of Fanweek!

So this is how it'll work, I've picked out 3 Fanarts, 3 FanComics and 3 Fanfics! So they'll be the feautred works on the main site. BUT, i'll be posting the rest of the works in batches as well each day. So you can find all of their links as well. So the Featured work is the first bold link, and the rest follow after.

So stay tuned for daily updates~ And on March 9th, Volume 6 starts! X3 

Featured Work: BlueBerry Slayer! Find them on Deviantart and Tumblr~

Blueberry Slayer-A fancomic from the the same artist about Sarah! Same links as above <3

NekoPata-Fanart of Muffin's strutting her stuff! Find them on Tumblr!

AngelFire- Fanarts of Muffins, and Toby/Sarah, Find them on Tapastic! 

Anna- Fanart of Toby being a proud Math Nerd, Find them on Tumblr! 

B-Fanfiction of Various Characters!

Yuli-FanComic of Danny & Nathan in a photobooth! Find them on Tumblr!

Cannibal Croissants-Fanfiction of DannyxNathan, Chapter 2-3 can be read on Archive of Our Ownand their Tumblr!

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