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Posted October 14, 2019 at 12:00 am

It's that time again! Volume 4 will wrap up on November 13th, then it'll be 2 weeks of 4-Komas and then the first 2 weeks of December will be dedicated to Guest art! 

What I need from you guys!

Send me an email stating that you'd like to participate! The first 6 people will be accepted. U.S ONLY (For shipping reasons)

  • Send me an email at titled "Guest Art"
  • Your Preferred online name and links to Social Media you'd like to promote! It can be your Instagram, webcomics, etc 
  • You'll receive a goodie-bag of stickers and prints! U.S ONLY Please! (Cause shipping is gettin crazier ;w;)
  • Deadline is December 1st

And that's it!

  1. So email me first before you make any art
  2. I'll add you to the list & give you all the details you'll need!
  3. Once 6 people are lined up I'll be closing the Guest Art Call.

Love ya guys and can't wait to see you do! <3

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