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Posted February 19, 2021 at 12:00 am

And that's it for Side-A! It was a 2 page update to be sure to check the previous page~

It only took me (checks notes) 4 Volumes to get here. But everyone is here and now to start getting to the meat of the story lol!

Up next are the usual 4-komas and then the main comic will be taking a small break while I finish up scripts and storyboards for Side-B! BUT, I've got a bonus in the meantime while you guys wait for new pages~ 

I'm FINALLY gonna be uploading Book 2 with Redrawn pages!!! I'll be uploading a new one every day for the next 2 months (give or take)! It'll most likely just be the inks because I wanna make sure I take more time to actually tone the pages

Come back for the next 2 weeks for some fun 4-Koma style comics on M/W/F and then expect daily updates of Redrawn pages for Book 2~

Hopefully by May, Side-B will begin! <3

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