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Posted January 5, 2024 at 12:00 am


So let's recap what happened last time~

  • Mark has officially moved in with Toby!
  • Toby threw out his back (cause of course he did. NERD.)
  • We get just a biiit more insight into the Sonogram that Mark found 
  • Danny and Toby plan the ultimate date for Nathan and Sarah ( It gets IMMEDIETLY rejected)
  • Abby starts her training arc to join the band
  • Toby finally gets to meet Kats (friend/casual boyfriend??)
  • Kat also got into culinary school (congrats~)
  • Nathan attempts to ask Sarah out (and fails) (Cue the sad anime music)
  • Kat does her best to set aside her issues (for now) to help Sarah through this
  • Danny does the same for Nathan (and boy these two are messy and unhealthy for each other)
  • Danny ALMOST confesses' but is interrupted by a text from Sarah (Cue more sad anime music) 

And that's where we're at! Lets get Book 6 started~ 

I'm gonna do my best to try and keep up with 4 pages a month and I'm gonna TRY my best to color them too (As of now I'm currently done with the Lizzie Borden comic and gonna start working on the Great Train Robbery soon!) So you might see the occasional page with no flats, I seriously appreciate your patience this past year or so while I worked on these projects! ;u; 

OOH! And before I forget, I have some news, I'll FINALLY be uploading to Tapas and Webtoon!!! I'm starting from the very beginning and it's been super fun (but very tedious) scheduling episodes lol Expect updates every Friday in batches of 3-4 pages~

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