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Posted December 21, 2014 at 01:53 am

Onward to the bar scene! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Right now I'm eagerly awaiting for the print copies of my short story to arrive! (Cutting it close since I leave next Thursday morning to San Fran!)


OH! And about the Halloween Pic I wanna do. I've decided I'll do 3 pics of different pairings. Of course Ill be doing one of TobyxMark, but It seems like a lot of you guys are town between NathanxSarah & NathanxDannyboy. So i'm gonna give you both! X3

With that in mind, any ideas? And they can be NSFW as well! XD 


And for those going to Yaoi Con, I'll be at Table 50 in the Artist Alley! <33 

The 18+ comic "That First Night" is up for sale! It's the PDF and is available HERE:HTTPS://SCOTTYSCOMICSHOP.SELZ.COM/ITEM/53EBEBC0B798720C74D0F694 

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