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Posted December 21, 2014 at 01:54 am

In case you missed it on tumblr, I can finally talk about the project I've been working on!

I've got a short story up on Filthy Figments!HTTP://FILTHYFIGMENTS.COM/

Learn more about my story from here:HTTP://SCOTTYSOTHERSKETCHBLOG.TUMBLR.COM/POST/97029309735/GINABIGGS-WE-WELCOME-OUR-NEWEST- artist-tonight

Or Here: HTTP://SCOTTY6000.TUMBLR.COM/POST/97027926013

Reblog and spread the word! <3 If it gets enough support, you never know! It may end up being a longer series! @w@


OH! And I'll be in San Francisco for Yaoi Con this weekened! See ya there! <3


OH! And about the Halloween Pic I wanna do. I've decided I'll do 3 pics of different pairings. Of course Ill be doing one of TobyxMark, but It seems like a lot of you guys are town between NathanxSarah & NathanxDannyboy. So i'm gonna give you both! X3

With that in mind, any ideas? And they can be NSFW as well! XD 

The 18+ comic "That First Night" is up for sale! It's the PDF and is available HERE:HTTPS://SCOTTYSCOMICSHOP.SELZ.COM/ITEM/53EBEBC0B798720C74D0F694 

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